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We have solutions for all applications from commercial centers to busy transit hubs.

Did you know that KONE manufactured & installed the world’s first arched escalators in Hamburg, Germany? The two arched escalators are also the longest in Europe at more than 80m in length and climb to a height of 21.43m.


KONE TravelMaster 110 Escalator

Designed for commercial & retail environments, where safety, design and eco-efficiency are key requirements.

Best in class eco-effi ciency that cuts the carbon footprint of your building and reduces operational costs.

The new KONE Direct Drive is up to 20% more energy efficient than conventional drive solutions. Smart operational modes and an all new inverter optimize energy consumption under different load conditions. 

Operational environment: Indoor, Semi-Outdoor, Full Outdoor
Speed: 0.5 m/s (0.4 m/s with inverter)
Inclination: 30º, 35º
Step width: 600, 800, 1000 mm
Vertical rise: up to 13 m
*For higher specifications, please contact us.


KONE TransitMaster 120 Escalator

Designed specifically to meet the needs of environments with medium to high traffic flow and round-the-clock operation.

Suited for railway and metro stations, as well as airports and other mass transit centers, where high reliability and long equipment lifetime are key requirements. These escalators are highly durable and designed for the most demanding public transportation environments.

Operational environment: Indoor, Semi-Outdoor, Full Outdoor
Speed: 0.4 m/s with inverter, 0.5 m/s, 0.65 m/s, 0.75 m/s
Inclination: 27.3º, 30º, 35º
Step width: 800, 1000 mm
Vertical rise: Up to 15 m
*For higher specifications, please contact us.


KONE TransitMaster 140 Escalator

Designed for use in demanding locations where high reliability, long equipment lifetime, and easy maintenance are key requirements.

Proven, reliable design that provides, that provides safe, uninterrupted people flow and maximum availability in high-traffic environments. Flexibility and maintainability for maximum availability.

Operational environment: Indoor, Full Outdoor
Speed: 0.4 m/s with inverter, 0.5 m/s, 0.6 m/s
Inclination: 30º
Step width: 1000 mm
*For higher specifications, please contact us.


KONE TravelMaster 115 Inclined Autowalk

It is a commercial inclined autowalk targeted primarily towards the retail segment supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores and shopping centers.

Secondary focus areas for the KONE TravelMaster 115 include airports, smaller railway stations, hotels and hospitals. It is designed, from both a technical and visual point of view, to fulfill the main customer requirements of the target segments such as cost competitiveness, technical performance and visual appearance with a large standard offering with some engineering flexibility.

Operational environment: Indoor, Semi-Outdoor
Speed: 0.5 m/s
Inclination: 10º, 12º
Pallet width: 1000 mm
Vertical rise: Up to 7 m
*For higher specifications, please contact us.


KONE TransitMaster 165/185 Horizontal Autowalk

It is a horizontal autowalk primarily targeted towards the infrastructure segment. This segment covers airports, railways as well as stadiums and other transit centers. In this segment, horizontal autowalks are mostly used in airports and in two arrangements.

Shorter units of up to 60 m (e.g. TM165) to move passengers from gate to gate or within a terminal. Longer units of up to 100 m (e.g. TM185) to move passengers from one terminal to another.

Operational environment: Indoor, Semi-Outdoor
Speed: 0.75, 0.65, 0.5 m/s; 0.4 m/s with inverter
Inclination: 0-6º
Pallet width: 800, 1000, 1100 mm
Vertical rise: Up to 100 m
*For higher specifications, please contact us.




Chainless design eliminates the risk of a chain failure. Motor is directly connected to the main shaft with the gear which increases efficiency. Up to 96% energy efficiency and up to 20% more efficient than a worm gear drive, depending on the load profile. Ideal with inverter energy feedback system, possible to recover up to 62% of input power.


Proven design you can count on. Based on our proven, market-leading technology, every aspect of the KONE Escalator has been designed to provide smooth, safe people flow and maximum availability in high-traffic environments. A vertical rise of 18m can be achieved with the standard product. For any higher requirements please contact us.


Four-step horizontal section at the top and bottom of the escalator makes entry and exit smooth and safe. Four horizontal steps to allow users to steady themselves prior to entry and exit for the transition curves / 4 horizontal steps.


As well as being a key transportation method for commercial environments, escalators are an important part of a building’s ambience and style, and can be an important source of lighting. New attractive lighting and guidance solutions that improve the safety of your escalator:
LED skirt spot lighting
Traffic light cube
Traffic light road sign
LED skirt lighting


Our traffic-light options – cube, road sign, and traffic pole – provide a simple, stylish approach to safety and passenger guidance. Other safety features offered include handrail inlet brush guards, skirt switches, skirt assembly with spring click locking, auxiliary brake, halogen free wiring, motor position monitoring, motor flywheel cover monitoring and audible alarms amongst many others.



Lighting options include:
LED continuous lighting or RGB solution for skirt, handrail, side cladding and soffit
LED spot lighting for skirt and soffit (basic and premium)

Cladding options include:
Brushed stainless steel hairline finish
Coloured laminate
Metallic and pearlescent laminate
Coloured glass
Etched stainless steel

Access covers include:
Stainless steel surface with diamond pattern
Black painted stainless steel surface with diamond pattern
Natural ribbed aluminum
Ribbed aluminum with black grooves



Since its launch in November 2016, Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie has come to symbolize the unique relationship between design, technology and culture.

Nestled inside this 110-meter-high, 26-story mega structure, is one of world’s top ten concert halls, mixed use apartments, and even a five-star hotel. KONE has installed the world’s first arched escalators at the Elbphilharmonie. More than 80 meters in length, they are the longest in Europe. Designed in the shape of an arch, they give users the experience of traveling in an ‘endless’ escalator, since they cannot see the other end. They were specially designed for the Elbphilharmonie music hall and climb to a height of 21.43 meters. Several small drive units were used instead of large central drives to make these arched escalators possible. The weekend after the Elbphilharmonie opened, nearly 13,000 people traveled on these escalators each day.

Our Services

100 Years of Elevator Expertise

KONE is the industry leader in elevator and escalator innovation. We have a long history of
improving our customers’ businesses and are Dedicated to People Flow™, creating the optimal solution to move people in your buildings efficiently, safely, and in comfort for generations to come. 

In addition to standard passenger elevators, KONE’s technology is used for special applications such as service, scenic and bed elevators.

Mixed Development

Mixed use buildings can include retail, offices and residences in one building. Escalators are an ideal solution for the needs of shopping and are the fastest means of transporting passengers from car park levels to the lobby.


With the high traffic volumes in office buildings during morning, lunch and leaving work – escalators provide the quickest route from lift lobbies to the building’s entrance or parking floors without long waiting times.


Escalators & Auto walks are frequently installed in shopping complexes not only for practical purposed but also for architectural and visual reasons. Incorporating innovative lighting technology makes the equipment a part of the interior finish.


Escalators & Autowalks are ubiquitous in airports. Autowalks allow for movement of passengers and trolleys rapidly within terminals and to gates. Escalators transport a large volume of traffic to areas within the airport such as lounges and restaurants amongst other amenities.

Public Transport 

Metros and transport hubs face severe crowding and requires to move large volumes of people during rush hour. High capacity escalators designed especially for this purpose handle large traffic with minimum downtime even allowing for 24 hour use.


As with retail facilities, hotels incorporate escalators as part of the design esthetic. Aside from a visual perspective, they are an ideal solution to move passengers to ballrooms and parking areas.


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